Anniversary Ring

The half band design makes it comfortable to wear without compromising luxuriousness. Anniversary ring is the perfect jewelry for all occasions.
The diamonds inlaid are classified into two options: Excellent Quality (color D-F and clarity VVS) and Affordable (color G-I and clarity SI).
All rings are available in a variety of metal tones (18K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold) to suit different skin tones and needs.

Round Diamonds U-Prong Anniversary Ring

The U-shaped prong setting perfectly displays the beauty of round brilliant cut and let the diamonds sparkle from every angle. The half-band design of anniversary ring also greatly improves wearing comfort.

Emerald Cut Diamonds Anniversary Ring

This anniversary ring features the classiness and elegance of emerald cut diamonds. The simple shared prongs display each diamond's beauty to its fullest.

Princess Cut Diamonds Anniversary Ring

This ring features the sparkle and sophistication of the princess cut diamonds, complete with delicately crafted shared prongs.