About Us

Diamond Culture represents cultured diamonds, which is also known as lab grown diamonds. In addition, the word "culture" has the meaning of ideas, social behaviour, civilization and the arts of human intellectual achievement. Therefore, our brand name, Diamond Culture, would be a good fit for lab-grown diamonds that are also reputed as future diamonds. We believe that this sustainable production technology will become significantly more popular and well-regarded.

Diamond Culture is the lab grown diamond product line of Diamania Jewelry. Founded in 2013 and being a popular natural diamond and wedding ring retailer, Diamania has served thousands of happy customers. We attach great importance to every aspect of our brand, including price, reputation, professional knowledge and service attitude, in order to become the most trusted diamond jewelry expert. Our philosophy is to let our customers purchase high-quality, desired diamonds at the most reasonable price.

Different from many other jewelry stores, Diamania is a GIA officially recognized retailer, and most of the representatives possess GIA professional qualifications. Our team is committed to sharing knowledge and information as well as explaining the smallest details of each lab grown or natural diamond with our customers. Apart from that, Diamania has held the government’s ‘No Fake Pledge’ for many years, which means that we have been operating with high reputation and integrity.

Furthermore, we make it a point to let everyone access our lab grown diamond prices online. We are in close contact with well-established lab diamond manufacturers to ensure the lowest cost with primary sources of supply. With our commitment to price transparency and small profits, our lab grown diamond prices are lower than most retailers, both local and worldwide.

Our brick-and-mortar store in Tsim Sha Tsui provides a platform for us to get in touch with every customer, to provide the right information, as well as to offer the opportunity to examine and compare both lab grown and natural diamonds in person. Our diamond experts will answer all the questions and concerns that customers may have, give the most pertinent and sincere opinions. Our promise is that we will never put pressure to make a purchase from us, as we only aspire to help customers find and acquire the diamonds they most desire.

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