"Féerie Porte" refers to the gate of the fairyland (「妖精の国の扉」), it is said that only blessed couples can get this precious gift from the fairies.

    Two precious stones inlayed on the inner ring

    The inner side of each ring is inlayed with a light yellow peridot (symbolizing: the proof of happiness and love) and a green garnet (symbolizing: true love and friendship). They represent prayers from the fairies embedded in the ring to bless joyfulness of husband and wife.

    Made with Japanese fine craftsmanship, comfortable to wear

    "Feerie Porte"'s wedding rings are carefully and precisely manufactured by Japanese craftsmen to make perfect and comfortable to wear . Some of the styles are made with Japanese forging technology.

    Using platinum of higher density, suitable for everyday wear

    "Féerie Porte" wedding rings are made in platinum that is beaten, stretched or bent to make it more durable, less prone to scratches and deformation.