We call our lovers "Honey", just like the sweetness of honey in the mouth. "Honey Bride" unique wedding rings carry sweet blessings, couples who wear them will be surrounded by a joyful atmosphere.

    The golden tone witnesses couple's eternal and dazzling marriage

    Gold symbolizes eternity, nobility and holiness. Couples can choose from a variety of golden tones of "Honey Bride" wedding rings, the unique honey gold color symbolizes your exclusively sweet love.

    Honey Yellow Gold (ハニーイエローゴールド)

    Unique to "Honey Bride" in Honey Yellow Gold, the brand uses the actual honey color, flowers and scents as prototypes to make the wedding rings much more distinctive.

    Engraved with the brand's unique logo on the inner ring

    The inner side of each ring is engraved with a honeycomb logo which symbolizes a sweet marriage.

    Made with forging technology, suitable for permanent wear

    Forging increases hardness of the metal through heating and beating. It creates wedding rings with exceptional strength, making them durable and resistant to scratch, twisting and deformation.