The brand concept of "紡ぎ輪" comes from the spinning wheel. The brand's wedding rings show traces of handicrafts, hoping to retain the warmth of artisanship through its design. "紡" means "weaving" and "輪" means "ring" in Japanese. Therefore, "紡ぎ輪" implies that the couple spins the sweet fragments of the two like a spinning wheel, connect all happy moments in daily life to become an unbreakable link, then jointly weave a happy and prosperous future.

    Wedding ring designs with different shades

    "紡ぎ輪" wedding rings are available in different shades. In addition to silvery white Platinum, there are four 18K gold shades available, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and a special champagne gold. The couple can each choose their own favorite color to create a unique and stylish mix of wedding ring colors.

    Inspired by traditional Japanese handicrafts, inheriting the warmth of artisanship

    "紡ぎ輪" ring designs are all based on Japanese traditional handicrafts. For example, the pair of "温もり" is designed based on the image of cloud dragon paper in Japan, with traditional and beautiful pattern crafted.

    Unique ring surface finishing

    The unique finishing on the surface of the wedding ring is created by Japanese artisans using a variety of tools, including a "hammered finish" which is repeatedly brushed to create the texture.