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Diamond Culture is the Lab Grown Diamond product line of Diamania Jewelry. Founded in 2013 and being a popular natural diamond and wedding ring retailer, Diamania has served thousands of customers. It is a GIA officially recognized retailer, and most of the representatives possess GIA professional qualifications. We are in close contact with diamond manufacturers to ensure the lowest cost with primary sources of supply. With our commitment to price transparency and small profits, our diamond prices are lower than most upstairs shops and overseas online stores. Apart from that, Diamania has held the government’s ‘No Fake Pledge’ for many years, which means that we have been operating with high reputation and integrity.

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Both natural and lab grown diamonds have their own advantages. But lab grown diamond overseas online shops and most lab diamond Hong Kong stores are not able to provide adequate natural diamond and lab grown diamond Hong Kong inventory for customers to view and compare. Meanwhile, Diamond Culture has a large inventory of both kinds of diamonds in store, which can definitely meet the needs of lab made diamond Hong Kong and Macau customers.
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Diamond Culture - Lab Grown Diamond Hong Kong Brand

Diamond Culture lab grown diamond Hong Kong store is located in Tsim Sha Tsui. We are happy to offer each customer with a free-of-charge, one-on-one consultation session so that our customers can learn more about lab diamonds as well as understand its difference from natural diamonds. We believe that it is important to let our customers experience our professionalism and hospitality. We aim to become a leading lab made diamond Hong Kong brand in the market.

Different from other lab diamond Hong Kong or overseas retailers, not only do we offer competitive pricing and share professional knowledge, we also provide numerous setting styles (ring, earring or pendant) for our customers to choose from and turn them into a lab diamond jewelry that will be worn and loved for a lifetime. Offering quality services from choosing a lab grown diamond, setting the lab diamond to after-sales follow-up, including free ring re-sizing, ring engraving, jewelry cleaning and repair, etc. We hope each and every customer will have a stress-free and quality shopping experience at our lab made diamond Hong Kong store.

Lab grown diamond is relatively new to Hong Kong market. Therefore, Diamond Culture, as a lab grown diamond Hong Kong brick-and-morter store as well as a lab diamond Hong Kong online store, is more than happy to introduce this innovative product to the local market in a comprehensive perspective. Customers may first browse our website to acquire basic knowledge of lab grown diamonds. Most of the lab diamond HK listing on our website come with magnified images, 360° videos and uploaded IGI/GIA certificates. Everyone is also welcome to make an appointment to enjoy free consultation. At our lab made diamond Hong Kong store, customers may try on different jewelry setting styles to find out what suits them the most. Moreover, we may also tailor-made your desired setting to make the lab diamond jewelry one of a kind.

Why Us?

Comparing different types of lab grown diamond retailers to see how Diamond Culture outperforms in price, quality and service.

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What is a lab grown diamond?

Lab grown diamond, also known as cultured diamond, man-made diamond, lab-created diamond or future diamond, has exactly the same chemical composition and physical properties as can be found within a natural diamond. Both natural and lab diamonds are made of pure carbon and are classified as real diamonds. The biggest difference between the two varieties is perhaps their formation and their degree of rarity. A lab diamond is artificially manufactured in a laboratory setting, using sustainable production methods (HPHT or CVD), while a natural diamond is naturally formed under high pressure in the depths of the earth mantle hundreds of millions of years ago. Nonetheless, both share the same optical properties, refractive index, and hence exhibit the same degree of sparkle and fire.

Are lab grown diamonds the same as synthetic diamonds?

A lab grown diamond can also be called a synthetic diamond. The chemical composition and physical properties are exactly the same as those of natural diamonds. However, lab made diamond Hong Kong consumers should be aware that certain retailers who call their simulants as synthetic diamonds in order to create confusion. The word “diamond” should always refer to “a mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon crystallized in the isometric system”. Any form of crystal without this chemical composition should never be named a “diamond” to deceive consumers.

Are lab grown diamonds and diamond simulants differentiable?

Diamond simulants / simulated diamonds (or some self-proclaimed synthetic diamonds) are basically mass-produced low-cost crystals (not even regarded as gemstones), while lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. The chemical and physical properties of simulants are completely different from those of real diamonds. They do not show the same scintillation and optical properties. People who have basic knowledge of diamonds should be able to differentiate simulants from diamonds with naked eyes. Lab diamond Hong Kong customers should look for lab diamonds that come with an IGI / GIA certificate to avoid being misguided.

Are lab grown diamonds popular in Hong Kong?

Lab diamond Hong Kong and Asian markets are relatively new to the scene, but they have become quite popular in the US and European markets. The public, especially the younger generations, are becoming more conscious of environmental protection and sustainability issues in the diamond supply chain, thus many of them are embracing lab diamonds which are the best substitutes of the natural ones. Also, an increasing number of the world’s leading jewelry brands are introducing lab grown diamonds to their collections. We also encourage our customers to consider lab diamonds when making a purchase decision. Lab made diamond Hong Kong inventory might be limited in general, but we do have some lab diamond hong kong stocks as well as natural ones of different sizes and qualities for our customers to compare and take reference.

How to know if it is a lab grown diamond?

It is recommended that any lab grown diamond of over 0.50ct, even those from a lab diamond hong kong brick-and-mortar store, should always come with an IGI / GIA lab grown diamond certificate. The two well-established lab grown diamond hong kong grading laboratories would engrave “LABORATORY GROWN” or “LABGROWN” plus its certificate number on the girdle of the corresponding lab diamond. This is to ensure that consumers are well-notified of buying a genuine lab grown diamond.

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The Best Choice of Lab Grown Diamond Hong Kong Store

As a young and promising lab grown diamond Hong Kong brand, Diamond Culture understands the high requirements of the lab diamond Hong Kong customer market. In addition to having a large number of ring / earring / pendant setting styles for selection, we also provide lab diamond HK jewelry tailor-made service to create exclusive jewelry pieces.

Most Diamond Culture team members possess professional qualifications from GIA, the most authoritative gemological research laboratory in the world. We are capable of explaining and recommending the best choice of lab diamonds for each client. Our lab made diamond Hong Kong craftsmen are highly skilled with a long history of work experience from well-known international brands. Our lab diamond HK jewelry pieces are exquisitely crafted by these artisans for our customers.

Lab grown diamonds were developed as early as the 1950s, but the technology at the time was limited to producing industrial-quality diamonds only. Thankfully, fast-growing technological developments have led to dramatic improvements in the quality and price of lab grown diamonds. Today, gem-quality lab diamonds can be produced sustainably with a short lead time, say a few weeks. This breakthrough in technology makes lab made diamond Hong Kong customers able to enjoy high-end jewelry at an affordable price.

Certificate of Registration for Category A Registrant (Section 53ZUG)
Registration No.: A-B-23-11-02454