"Nocur" is affiliated to the Japanese brand CITIZEN which is very well-known in the watch industry. The brand also offers unique and meticulous wedding rings with its excellent craftsmanship. "Nocur" comes from the French word "Nos Coeur", which means "our hearts" and represents the eternal and beautiful vow between the couple.

    Exquisite Japanese forging craftsmanship

    "Nocur" uses a high-pressure machine to compress the metal into a plate shape and then repeatedly pressurizes. Excess air bubbles in the metal are pushed out to form a dense alloy during the pressurization process.

    Hardened platinum wedding rings

    Hardened platinum raw material imported from Germany is used to improve the hardness of the ring. Not only does it not fade, but also not be easily deformed, perfect for wedding rings that will be worn for a lifetime.

    Simple styles designed for minimalists

    Most of "Nocur" wedding rings are in simple design with few melee stones inlayed. With comfort-fit design on the inner ring, it gives a comfortable and smooth feeling on fingers.

    Confidence Guarantee

    Originally made in Japan where it is well known for delicate craftmanship, plus "Nocur" is a brand under CITIZEN, so its quality is absolutely confidence guaranteed.