"Timeless Ones Lovers" carries the message of "Even times change, the only thing remains unchanged". The brand attaches great importance to the feelings and memories of the couple. The wedding rings are worn to hold the most precious moments that belong to the couple and retain their best memories throughout the four seasons.

    Design concept comes from four seasons

    Each pair of rings represents different time of the four seasons, turning exclusive moments of the two into wedding rings. Sweet anniversary memories are worn on your hands without fear of time change.

    Simple and classic ring design

    Most of the wedding rings of "Timeless Ones Lovers" are simple and lightweight. Their effortless classic design is especially suitable for minimalist couples.

    Made with forging technology, suitable for permanent wear

    The wedding rings are made by forging technology. They are highly durable over years, suitable for permanent wear and witness the eternal love of the couple.

    High quality yet affordable

    "Timeless Ones Lovers" wedding rings are about HKD6,000 per pair, which is more price-competitive than other Japanese brands.