The Japanese word "Katamu" is written as "固む", which means powerful protection, strong swearing and tight binding. This is a brand with the theme of tight knots. "Katamu" logo uses the red thread of fate to draw two people together, implying that they will never be apart.

    The inner ring is engraved with concentric knots ("あやつなぎ")

    Engraving of a concentric knot on the inner ring symbolizes steadfast love as well as the hearts of the husband and wife clinging to each other.

    Japanese tradition as design inspiration, filled with oriental mood

    Each pair of "Katamu" wedding rings is named with traditional Japanese vocabulary. For example, "淙々" is the endless river in Japan, which means eternal love that flows through the water. The rings imprinted blessings and prayers for the newlyweds.

    Made with forging technology, suitable for permanent wear

    "Katamu" rings are all made with forging technology. The metal's high strength and hardness can definitely stand the test of time. It is not easy to be twisted and deformed, sending eternal love to the newlyweds.

    Comfortable to wear

    Each ring is made with a smooth, rounded interior for a comfortable fit around the fingers.