Engraving Service

We do not encourage too many characters for engraving due to the limited space on the inner ring. It is recommended to engrave only names, initials or dates. Examples:

1) Amy & Kenneth

2) A&K 29.11.2022

3) 29 Nov 2022

Customers may refer to the following fonts and icons for engraving. Please fill in selected font and contents in the remarks column during checkout. Examples to put in the remarks:

1) Font 6: A&K 29.11.2022

2) Font 11: Kenneth (fifth heart from left) Amy

Please be assured that we will contact the customer within 24 hours upon receipt of the order to reconfirm the engraving details.

Font Reference

Customers may visit following links to visualise the contents in different fonts:
FONT 1) https://www.freebestfonts.com/arial-font
FONT 2) https ://www.fontpalace.com/font-details/batang/
FONT 3) https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/bitstream/cataneo/
FONT 4) https://www.freebestfonts.com/staccato222-bt-font
FONT 5) https://fontoteka.com/font/commercial-script-bt
FONT 6) https://www.freebestfonts.com/monotype-corsiva-font
FONT 7) https://www.freebestfonts.com/sylfaen-font
FONT 8) https://fontzone.net/font-details/simsun
FONT 9) https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/mti/ times-new-roman/
FONT 10) https://www.onlinewebfonts.com/fonts/Gungsuh
FONT 11) https://www.myfonts .com/fonts/itc/tiranti-solid/

Icon Reference