"Aile Blanche" is a French word that means "white wing." The "Aile Blanche" wedding ring is primarily designed with a combination of platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and champagne gold as its main elements, featuring gentle curves and a European-style. The wedding ring has a moderate thickness and a light aura, making it suitable to accompany the newlyweds through their everyday moments of happiness.

    Exquisite and rich combinations of colors

    There is a rich selection of styles available, including designs with distinctive personalities and conservative elegance. Designers combine various materials to present subtle differences and styles, offering a wide range of design combinations to choose from. Couples can select different color pairings to create distinctive styles for their rings.

    Breaking away from traditional Japanese design

    Multiple unique designs feature lines and patterns rarely seen in Japanese wedding ring brands, making them suitable for couples who appreciate a sense of uniqueness

    European vintage style

    This product series includes auspicious elements such as vines and feathers. In addition to their lucky symbolism and blessings, European and American vintage elements are also key aspects of the design.