What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

In recent years, lab grown diamonds have gradually become popular in the jewelry market, more people are going for lab grown diamonds instead of natural ones. So what exactly are lab grown diamonds?


Lab grown diamonds are also known as CVD / HPHT / cultured / synthetic / man-made / engineered / future diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds


Although they are not natural, they are 100% real diamonds. Natural diamonds take over a billion years to form deep in the ground, but lab grown diamonds are artificially formed in a laboratory using sustainable methods (CVD or HPHT) in just a few weeks time.

Lab grown diamonds have developed rapidly in recent years, and their quality has been greatly improved. In fact, the technology of lab grown diamonds for industrial use was introduced in the 1950s, and now lab grown diamonds can also be made into gem-quality level. In addition, the price of lab diamonds is much lower than that of natural diamonds, say, about 20-25% of that of natural diamonds of the same quality. Therefore, lab grown diamonds have been heatedly discussed and sought after by many people in recent years.

 CVD & HPHT Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds made by CVD and HPHT methods


Both lab grown and natural diamonds are composed of pure carbon. They share the same chemical composition and crystal structure and therefore have the same optical and physical properties. To the naked eye, lab diamonds look identical and cannot be distinguished from natural diamonds.

Natural diamond vs Lab-grown diamond

Natural diamond on the left, lab grown diamond on the right.


Sometimes, customers confuse lab grown diamonds with moissanite. But moissanite is not a diamond. Although it might have a similar appearance to a diamond just by glancing, its composition is completely different from that of a diamond. While a lab grown diamond is a real diamond. It does not only look identical to a natural diamond, but also has exactly the same composition. It differs from a natural diamond only in the way it is formed and its rarity.

Diamonds vs Moissanite

Diamond on the left, moissanite on the right


As the composition of lab grown diamonds is the same as that of natural diamonds, it is officially recognized as real diamonds. Not only can lab grown diamonds pass a diamond tester (except Type IIa diamonds), but they also come with diamond grading reports (for 0.50cts or above) issued by world class gemological laboratories.

IGI Lab-grown diamond certificate

IGI Lab Grown Diamond Grading Report

GIA Lab-grown diamond certificate

GIA Lab Grown Diamond Grading Report (electronic copy only)


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