How to Wear a Ring and Its Meaning

Rings are generally regarded as a symbol of love. They play a very important role in various stages, including proposal and marriage. Which finger should a ring be put on to signify the relationship status? The following will introduce you to the different ways of wearing rings and related information.


1) The Relationship Between Rings and Marriage


Proposal Ring

Engagement rings are usually set with diamonds. There are mainly two popular ways of wearing -

(1) Western traditions: Ring finger on the left hand

(2) Hong Kong, Taiwan areas: Middle finger on the left hand.

The five fingers from thumb to little finger are interpreted as Seeking, Dating, Engagement, Marriage and Divorce. Therefore, the engagement ring is usually worn on the middle finger of the left hand.

Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is usually in a pair, worn by both the couple on the ring finger of the left hand.


The History of Engagement Ring

Most people will choose a diamond ring as a token of love in a marriage proposal. The reason for this is from an ancient legend. A long time ago, the Duke of Burgundy, France, unfortunately died in the war, only the young Princess Mary was left to rule the duchy. Many royal nobles showed their love to her for various purposes. Among those nobles, Prince Maximilian was truly in love. In order to express his sincerity, he set a diamond that signifying eternal and indestructible love on the ring and presented it to Princess Mary. The Prince succeeded to impressed her. Since then, there has been a tradition of men giving diamond rings to their beloved ladies.


The History of Wedding Rings

The Legend of Ancient Roman Wedding Rings:

Prometheus once stole fire from human beings. In order to punish him, Zeus chained him on the Caucasus Mountains. Until hundreds of years later, the son of Zeus, Hercules, rescued him. And the chains became the ring of Prometheus. Since then, people have thought that the ring represents "mutual support". Therefore, the ring symbolizes mutual commitment between men and women, which has the meaning of life and eternity. At that time, the ancient Romans believed that the ring finger was guarded by Apollo, so they began to spread the tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger. As for the rings that symbolize marriage, most of the rings are made of diamonds, because the ancient Romans believed that diamond rings contained the power of the sun, making love firm and long-lasting.

The Legend of the Egyptian Wedding Ring:

In the early days, in order to highlight supreme power, the rulers of Egypt carried seals that symbolized their powerful status. Later, the seals were set in rings and worn on their fingers for convenience. In ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the circular ring represented "eternity", it was then used in marriage. Ancient Egyptians believed that the blood of the ring finger of the left hand leads to the heart, so wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger has a significant contractual significance. Both parties must absolutely love and be loyal to each other.


2) Which Finger to Wear a Ring and Its Meaning

Rings related to love are generally worn on the left hand.


Here's how to wear it in most places:

Left thumb: Actively looking for a partner

Left index finger: In a relationship

Left middle finger: Engaged or having a stable partner.

Left ring finger: Married. According to Western tradition, the left hand represents the luck bestowed by God. And according to legend, the ring finger is connected to the heart, also known as the "pulse of love", which is very suitable as a witness to the sacred vow. The wedding rings of both men and women are worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Left little finger: Divorced or determined to be single.

Right thumb:Actively looking for a partner

Right index finger: Bachelor or bachelorette

Right middle finger: Have a partner

Right ring finger: Madly in love


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